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Christmas Gifts For the Modern

In this article, we will look at the best Christmas gifts for the modern man, those men who value their daily appearance and always want to look great. Gift considerations for these men are different than for the everyman. We will take a look at how these men differ and what type of Christmas gifts to get them.

I have previously written about gifts for the man termed the “Every Man”. These are those men who proudly fit many of the male stereotypes. The men who love games, barbecues, and beer. Often, these men are not hyper-focused on their appearance.

Today, we will take at look a different type of man, “the modern man”. The modern man may enjoy the activities and gifts of the every man but his interests are also unique. The modern man loves to look great all the time. You will not find an unkempt modern man as you would with the every man.

The modern man often lives in or near the city. He’ll be adorned in the finest clothes and a nice car. You will never find his house or apartment dirty, nor will you find him disheveled. Sometimes called a metro sexual, these men require different gift considerations. So, let’s take a look at the best gifts for the Modern Man that may not immediately come to mind.

Have you ever seen men’s facial moisturizes, fragrances, and grooming products and wondered who buys them? The modern man does; that’s who! Men’s grooming products are ideal for the men who want to look fashionable and fantastic all the time. Their bathrooms are filled with items to make them look great. Along these lines, you will want to consider all skincare products, wrinkle creams, and facial hair products. Clinique has an entire line of terrific products for the modern men.

The modern man also likes to smell great. While the every man may be content with his tried and true Old Spice, this professional uptown man has many a cologne in his arsenal. From Dolce and Gabbana to LaCoste, you will find all the name brands represented in his scents. Colognes make great stocking stuffers or Christmas gifts for him. You may want to consider a scented variety pack that will offer him a plethora of great scents to try.

This man also often excels in the kitchen. He may be unmarried or he married late to kick off his successful career. In this process, he learned how to cook and is a chef in his own right. New kitchen items will leave him extremely satisfied. From wine glasses, to cutlery sets, to fine coffee makers, any new great kitchen gadget will be applauded by this man.

When you think of the every man, you may picture him in his old comfortable boxers. Not so with this new type of man. You will not find him lounging in 5 year old boxers. He wears the best pajamas, nice robes, and latest boxer-briefs. There are great gifts to find in the sleepwear category for him.

Finally, consider the latest men’s fashion. He wears name brand everything. From stylish hip clothing, to classical ties, to Tag Heuer watches, the modern man looks great wherever he goes. Calvin Cline, Perry Ellis, and Armani are names he knows. Get him something in one of these fashionable categories and he is sure to enjoy the gifts that you get him this Christmas.

Fashion School Tips For Making Your Man Less Goonie and More Clooney

Girls, let’s talk. Do you sometimes want to rip your boyfriend’s clothes off – because you just can’t stand them? You’re not alone. Many guys are clueless when it comes to fashion. But there’s help. If your man is a walking fashion emergency, you can perform CPR (Clothing Preference Resuscitation) on him, thanks to these tips from fashion school experts. You may be surprised at how well he cleans up.

Pants. Men are creatures of comfort, so many gravitate towards pants with “relaxed fits,” which is just another name for sloppy. All that extra fabric in the pants is not flattering. But some guys just can’t stop there in their crimes against fashion design. They also wear pleats, which add unnecessary bulk around their hips. And then there’s the matter of cargo pants. No man has ever looked good in them. There, somebody had to say it. Have your guy try on a flat-front pair of pants in a straight leg style, and compliment him on how great he looks. (Boys need flattery and encouragement to do what you want them to do.)

Jeans. When it comes to pants, jeans are the number one favorite, but does your guy wear the right style? First of all, if your man’s jeans are the color of the sky, they need to go. (And if the denim finish looks like clouds, that’s even worse.) Get him a pair of jeans with a uniform dark finish, which looks great even for dressier occasions. And make sure the jeans fit him correctly. They should sit at his waist, not down at his thighs like gangsta rap attire or above his belly button like dad jeans.

Shirts. Men tend to wear their shirts too big, and part of the blame goes to retailers who size them roomier to accommodate the girth of average Americans. But all men, skinny or heavy, look better when their shirts fit them properly, i.e., the shoulder seams rest at the outer shoulders, not below them. You won’t go wrong getting your guy in a classic solid or striped button-down long sleeve shirt for a dressy look, or a plaid short-sleeved shirt for a more casual vibe. What about t-shirts? A clean, solid t-shirt is perfectly fine, and in fact looks great under a sport jacket. But stay away from oversized t-shirts emblazoned with logos, flames, skulls, or weaponry.

Shoes. Guys can go years before buying a new pair of shoes, so all the shoes in your boyfriend’s closet are probably past their expiration date. Take him shopping and make sure he has at least these three basic styles recommended by our fashion school experts: a pair of lace-up oxfords, a pair of loafers, and a pair of sneakers. Now, a word about those sneakers. He may very well have some new athletic shoes for the gym or the basketball court. These do not count. Sports shoes tend to look clunky when worn with long pants. He needs a casual pair of sneakers, like classic Chuck Taylor All-Stars, that don’t have all the athletic embellishments.

Colors. Because many guys are unsure about the latest trends in fashion design, they are rather conservative when it comes to colors, sticking with neutrals like black, blue, grey and brown. It’s up to you to punctuate your boyfriend’s wardrobe with some color. Don’t scare him away with chartreuse or orange right off the bat. Ease him into color with muted reds, greens, and violets. As long as they’re not too bright, he’ll get used to wearing color. Again, tell him how great he looks: “That color really brings out your gorgeous eyes, honey.”

Fashion and the Fashion Industry

Fashion is something special in each individual’s life. It reflects their lifestyle, their personality, their attitude and approach towards life and most of all the particular styles they prefer in clothing and foot wear and other accessories. Fashion is not restricted only to women but is active among men as well. The fashion industry today caters to the needs of different types of people interested in fine clothing, foot wear and all accessories or gadgets.

Fashion industry is the platform where one can find the best gadgets and accessories. Not only that, fashion is something that cannot be avoided, it is an inbuilt feeling within us that grows day by day. The most prominent part of fashion is clothing and foot wear and this has found the best place in the fashion industry. A whole lot of brands like Adidas, Puma, Reebok and the like have found the best place in the sports industry.

The best part of fashion is that it keeps changing everyday bringing out new ideas and new concepts giving the fashion industry a boost. People interested in fashion designing have really hit the jackpot since this is the industry that never dwindles at any time. As long as there is fashion in the air the fashion designers will be progressive.

Ethnicity is obvious in women’s fashion since women have a lot to choose from if they follow the latest fashions. Almost every woman loves to be fashionable in some way or the other to impress the opposite sex. Fashion not only brings out the beauty and elegance in a woman it also expresses here status, her personal expression, her style and her feminism which is the most important.

Today the fashion industry has gone on to find a suitable place in the men’s world as well with the latest brand T-shirts, jeans and formals, etc. bearing the brand of leading manufacturers like Tommy Hilfiger, D&G, Adidas, Reebok, etc. A man is a man only when he is portrayed in the best formal attire while at work. With the best brands of formal shirts and pants, blazers and suits from Van Heusen, Peter England, Arrow and much more the best part of a man is best portrayed.

The importance of the fashion industry is not just designing clothes and accessories for men and women; it also offers the best career for an enthusiast seeking big money with an interesting job. Unlike working with a bank or a departmental store that provides mundane work throughout, the fashion designing world offers a new purpose to look forward to each day. The fashion industry has a wide range to work with in textiles, apparels, accessories and just anything that is creative and innovative would be the best state-of-the-art technology that people throughout the world are looking forward to.

You can have an interesting career in the fashion industry like being a fashion designer or a fashion consultant, image consultant, fashion design consultant and any fashion software consultant. Do whatever you like, create your own images and bring them to life in the many T-shirts that are manufactured by leading companies. Men and women are always looking towards something new in the clothes they wear.

Three Essential Looks For Men

Concerning the basic fashion “looks” and occasions, there are three that every man should know. These include business attire or “day” wear, weekend clothes or “casual”, and, of course, evening or “night out” wear. You do not need a lot of money if you keep in mind some helpful tips. In more detail, the three basic looks, that every man should know, are:

At Work – The quintessential work look for any man is a classic, well-tailored suit. It screams professionalism, style and class. The suit has gone through many revisions over the years but it will never stop being a cornerstone of men’s fashion. Probably the most important point to keep in mind when wearing a suit is to make sure that it fits properly. Suits are not items of clothing that you can purchase at a store and just throw on – there is nothing worse than seeing a man in suit with too long or short hems, or fits too loosely or tightly. It is very important to get it tailored to make sure that it hangs properly, fits well and most of all, makes the man wearing it look like a million bucks.

Relaxed Casual – Every man needs a great pair of jeans to hang out in for casual weekend errands and dates. Similar to a suit, the fit of a pair of jeans conveys a great deal about the man wearing them. The jeans should not be tight, nor should they be baggy; both of these looks were popular once upon a time, and now that time has passed. It is also important to keep in mind that every pair of jeans has a shelf life. Depending on how well a man takes care of his jeans, they can last years. But once non-stylish tears and holes make an appearance, it is definitely time to throw them away and invest in a new pair.

Night Out – Evening clothes should be different from business or casual attire, so you need a different “look” for social outings, whether romantic or friendly in nature. Dress shirts, dark toned slacks and comfortable loafers are pretty much standard for the semi-formal wear. Unless you are experienced in fashion styles, make sure you do not try anything avante garde, such as colors or styles that may not fit the occasion. Blazers and trench coats are best for cooler weather, stay away from coats that detract from the rest of your clothes. Looking good does not have to mean uncomfortable.