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Fashion Tips For Men

How many people have argued about what a metrosexual guy really is? A ton! The fact is that there are simply different levels of metrosexualism and that every man has a little bit of metro in him, whether he likes it or not. A meterosexual man is today very conscious about his looks and wants to make an impact on the fairer sex wherever he goes.

Gone are the days when it was considered very taboo for a man to look after himself. Now, is the age of the meterosexual male who treats himself to extensive treatments in salons, pedicures, manicures and even goes occasionally for slightly painful threading and waxing. Today, many magazines have understood the modern man’s needs of looking distinctive, elegant and alluring. Men’s fashion magazines like FHM are making a lot of cash out of this newborn crazed desire among men to look attractive. They are offering men scores of fashion tips taking help from the world’s niche fashion designers like Valentino, Dolce and Gabbana and Ralph De Lauren.

Males have changed/evolved and so have their desires to look good. Here are some rules which can make any man look suave and charismatic:

  • Never wear any casual wear to your work like sneakers and jeans. If you feel comfortable in sneakers, then a better option would to go for Italian loafers in dark colours. They are comfortable to wear, look classy and also do not give you a very rugged look like sneakers.
  • Try to give your hair a very neat look. Uncombed or ruffled can give a very poor impression about your personality. Groom your hair properly with the various styling gels, mousse to stylise your hair.
  • Ties are in vogue these days. You can experiment with various hues and shades and unconventional patterns like dots and stripes.
  • Always wear chic formal attire to the office. Gaudy wear can make you be perceived as dumb and dandy. Go for proper pleated pants and try subtle hues in shirts. Always go for plain shirts and try to refrain from wearing prominent patterns, you’re not cutting wood ok?
  • Follow the mantra of power dressing in meetings. Go for full suits in meetings to create that perfect right impression. If you are dressed in impressionable attire during meetings, then you can make people listen more apt to you. But, it is important to keep the ongoing season and the day in mind before purchasing a suit.
  • Smelling great is the key to spreading positive vibes about yourself. Bad odour leads to a very negative impression. Malodorous people be it men or women are always repelled. Therefore, try to make a regular and elaborate use of colognes, after-shave gels, deodorants and perfumes. Moreover, never compromise on quality while purchasing scents as a nice fragrance can help you a lot in making the first move.
  • You can also try a more metro/riskier move: heeled shoes to overcome the height factor. Moreover, high-heeled shoes can also make your pants look more fitted and well-precisioned.
  • Wear dark pinstriped shirts to make yourself look a few inches taller. If you have a broad upper body, then you can combine this with light-hued shirts to accentuate your physical attributes.
  • If wearing socks, go for darker shades than lighter ones because a pair of white socks looks very austere.

A Man’s Attraction Guide

Are you looking for a new haircut, a new style, or simply a complete makeover? Back in medieval and western times, a man could get away with knowing simple wood working skills to be judged worthy of marriage. How times have changed. Roles have been completely swapped; certain skills are considered completely unimportant, while others have flocked to the most desired. Fashion is among these traits, more and more considered as being the most important aspect by most females. Everything from your style, haircut, and cleanliness, can determine if a woman will even take a second glance at you. All of this is factored into the same concept of first impressions.

So what to do? How to do it? Most importantly, how much will it cost you? To answer these questions, and to be blunt – fashion isn’t cheap. As the saying goes, “beauty comes at a price.” If you’re looking for a well-groomed haircut, eyebrow trimming, facial trimming, and the works, you’re looking at spending anywhere from 50 to 200 dollars alone. When it comes to simple accessories like: a new watch, wallet, belt, etc., you’re looking at spending anywhere from 50 to over a thousand dollars. Remember, there are deals out there for fashion; it all depends upon how much you look, and how much you’re looking to spend.

Finally, one of the most important aspects for a new style change — cloth accessories. — This can make or break a man’s attractiveness. Style should reflect your inner beauty; it should be a reflection of who you are on the inside. Men tend to dress in accordance to their own hobbies, interests, and fashion idols. For example, a man into hip hop will tend to stick to this cloth style. However, if that same man was into business, he would tend to stick to more of a professional style. You shouldn’t cut corners when it comes to your cloth and shoes accessories. 500 should be the minimum amount spent on a decent complete wardrobe. In addition, most would usually spend upwards to a few thousand dollars. It all depends on what look you are going for, and how much of a budget you can afford.

The final thing that I really would like to focus on is your haircut. Backtracking to the second paragraph, a haircut and facial hair is the first thing a lady will see. You should take the time to seek a professional’s help, for instance, going to your local professional hair salon with a known hair stylist. Another important fact is you should take the time to properly trim your eyebrows with your fresh new haircut. Having a good style, proper haircut, will always minimize your widely growing eyebrows, but it doesn’t hurt to be your best. Fashion is constantly expanding, changing, and adapting – make sure it doesn’t leave you in the dust.

Your Fashion Secret

Silk scarves are always a special way to dress up any outfit. With its smooth and supple feel,you will receive many benefits when you own one of these unique silk scarves. There are silk scarves available in different sizes, shapes and they can also be dyed in a lot of colors and prints. A beautiful silk scarf can give you a dashing, elegant unique style as well as change your entire look.

It was decided by King Louis in 1466 to develop a national silk industry in Lyon. Starting in the 16th century Lyon became the capital of the European silk commerce, notably producing many reputable fashions. Lyon is known to be the silk capital of the world and a fashion center. The history of scarves is a long one, reaching as far back in history as Ancient Rome at least. The cravat, or a man’s scarf, became in integral part of man’s fashion in the 19th century. Tied to a belt or draped around the neck, the ancient Romans developed the scarf into a versatile piece of man’s fashion accessory. Of course this style was quickly adopted by women also, and the scarf has since become synonymous with woman’s fashion. However, the high cost of silk throughout history has meant that silk scarf was often considered a luxury item in Europe and North America. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars at Hermes to own a quality silk scarf. Silk scarves have only become easy to find in the last twenty years. Knitting and weaving techniques are developing all the time to cope with the increasing demands of the world’s fashion designers.

The silk used to make scarves is an environmentally friendly material. The material that silk scarf is made of will give you a one-of-a-kind delight. There were various purposes for which silk scarf has been used throughout history. An elegant silk scarf tied around the neck is a timeless piece of elegance; however it is a little known fact that the early pilots used silk scarves not as an accessory, but rather as a necessity as it helped them keep the oily smoke from the engine out of their mouth. While the head scarf can be used to make a fashion statement, among educated or religious women it is often worn as a religious symbol. You can tie sleek silk scarves in many different ways, perhaps as a sash, and they have many uses: tying, scarves, hair scarves, beach scarves, coats, turbans, and neck scarves. Trendy setters were fashion-savvy enough to realize that this simple accessory can uplift any outfit. The silk scarves are a great fashion accessory and is suitable with jeans,designer dress or even with a wedding dress. Both fashion and outerwear scarves make great winter accessories and they also make terrific gifts. An eye catching accessory is a simple silk scarf worn around the neck. Many scarves have beautiful designs in coordinating colors.

Some of the most beautiful and elegant scarves are silk scarves. These scarves have been thrilling the fashion world for many years. Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and nowadays Sarah Jessica Parker, Madonna, Sharon Stone, all of them incorporated silk scarf into their attire and made fashion history. Women can now afford silk, which will add art to any outfit. You will be simultaneously kept warm and prove to everyone that you are fashionable by using these lightweight, surprisingly inexpensive scarves. A popular fashion accessory is luxurious silk scarves. If you are looking for warmth, style or a bit of both, then you should look at these woman’s silk scarves, which are the perfect fashion accessory. These scarves are designed be a colorful and stylish accessory for nearly any occasion.

Fashion Advice For the Modern Man

When you step out of the house, your clothes advertise much about you. Along with your face and hair, you clothing is one of the first things people will notice and they will judge you quickly on first impressions. When you are at work and about town, it is important to present a confident and capable appearance.

One would think that today’s modern man would have good fashion sense already locked away in his brain, but one good look around will tell you differently. Every day, men are committing fashion suicide and this could be costing them at job interviews, meetings with the in-laws, or trying to get that all important phone number from Heather. Don’t be that man. Follow these simple rules:

1. Don’t look like you tried too hard. Unless you have a part time job as a clown entertaining at children’s birthday parties, keep your look simple by not wearing more than three major colors. Also, keep the jewelry count low. There is only one Mr. T and you are not him. A good rule is one ring per hand and one necklace only.

2. Take a friend. When you go shopping for your wardrobe, take a friend. Even better if the friend you take is a woman. You want an honest opinion of what looks good on you from somebody else’s view point.

3. Don’t overlook your shoes. I have heard that women will judge you by your shoes. I’m not sure how true this is…but why take chances. They seem to have a “thing” for shoes, as evidenced by how many pair they usually own. Check for dirt, scuffs, frayed laces, etc. Take the extra time to make sure your shoes are in top shape. Do not leave the house with ratty shoes.

4. Sandals are for the beach. Don’t wear them out of earshot of the surf. Nobody wants to see your ugly feet and toes. If you insist on wearing sandals and think you can pull off a slick look…please, please, please do not wear socks, with them.

5. Don’t spend too much. In other words, don’t buy an article of clothing just for the brand name or the logo. You can find other brands that are just as good for less money. You can further enhance your wardrobe with the money you save.

6. Keep the PJs in the bedroom. Do not ever wear your pajamas out and about. I don’t care if this is the latest fad and everyone else is doing it…you should not. Some women can get away with this…most women can’t. Men can never pull this off.

7. Hats. Seems every guy is wearing ball caps these days. Ball caps are fine…but take them off when your not “playing”. If you are not wearing shorts or jeans, you shouldn’t be sporting a ball cap. Also, remove your hat indoors. This is a rule that never goes out of style. Don’t wear your cap in a restaurant, movie theater, church, etc.

8. Look behind you. Don’t forget to check out your backside in the mirror. You don’t want to wear pants that give you a baggy butt.

9. Underwear should stay under. Nothing looks sloppier than several inches of boxer shorts sticking out of the top of your pants. Keep your pants around your waist…and your underwear in your pants. Wear a belt for crying out loud!

10. Dress for the occasion. You wouldn’t show up for a job interview in shorts and T-shirt, would you? Make sure that you wear the right clothes for the right occasion. When in doubt, it is far better to over dress than under dress. Where a necktie. If that makes you over dressed, you can take it off and stuff it in a coat pocket for a quick dress down.

You may not be a fashion model, but follow these simple fashion rules and you will not fail. You will look sharp and, in turn, you will feel confident…and that, my friend, is the point. Look better, feel better.