Becoming a Sexy Man

Some years ago, I faced a new challenge: how to be sexy. I wanted to take on a dangerous, edgy, exciting persona that would make women want me and desire me and seek to move fast with me. At the time I didn’t quite know how I’d go about it, but I decided to work on cracking the code to this new sensuality nevertheless.

Two years later, I have women coming to bed with me faster than ever, receive instant strong attraction the moment most women and I first speak, and time and again am told how attractive, sexy and handsome I am. These things happened but rarely back in early 2008, but they are regular and consistent occurrences now.

The roadmap to how I went about transforming myself from a chill, friendly, casual guy to an edgy, dangerous, sexy man is what I want to talk about with you here. So sit back, fasten your seatbelt, and let’s help you start turning some girls’ heads!

Why Should You Want to Be “Sexy”?

First let’s answer the question why you should take time to work on making yourself sexy. Rather than labor over becoming a man that women find alluring, why not take that same time and focus more on getting yourself a promotion at work or saving up for a nice new car instead?

I know of a guy who’s doing just that. He’s the same age as me, and has a great big house, bought and paid for. He drives a flashy, expensive car. And his job is rather prestigious. But he can’t get a woman to save his life.

Me? I’m jobless, scraping to get by at the moment, and don’t have much more to my name aside from the computer I’m writing this on and a few changes of clothes… but I keep ending up with a lot of beautiful women. I was in California, and now that I’m out here in Asia, I am here too.

My accommodations here are a bit better, but in California, I was bringing girls home to a tiny little room in a buddy of mine’s house that I was paying next to nothing to stay in, and they STILL chose me over the wealthy, successful guys!

I could cite many other guys I know who are advancing rapidly in their careers and spending on big ticket items left and right and yet are terrible with women, and many other guys who are dead broke and, like me, still successful with women. And we’re not talking trash women, either – every long-term girlfriend I’ve ever had was beautiful, had a fantastic personality, had or was in the process of getting her Master’s degree, and had a great, prestigious, well-paying job.

And these women chose me over the various young successful men they encountered daily at their workplaces and in their social circles.

Why is this so?

Here’s the truth: women are not interested in toys. Expensive cars and widescreen TVs are GREAT… for impressing other men. If you want to impress WOMEN, you have to work on YOU.

And sexiness, you will find is one of the most important ways you can do that.

Sexiness gets you instant attraction. Before the competition can mention their Porsches or seaside homes, women are already into you. You might be successful, or you might not be – it doesn’t matter. Because when you’re sexy, women like you INSTANTLY, rather than you having to wait to try and impress them (and often fail to succeed) later on in the conversation.

Sexiness lets you get to sex faster. Women don’t let un-sexy men move fast; they slot them into the friend zone, or into boyfriend territory. If you’re sexy though, women will go to bed with you FAST – then YOU are the one in control of the interaction.

If you want her to be your girlfriend, great.

If you only want to spend one night with her, that’s great too.

Once you’ve gone to bed with a girl, you can choose. You can’t make that decision before you’ve slept with her, though – if you want to make a girl your girlfriend and you haven’t taken her to bed yet, she may very well end up being another man’s girl if he gets her in bed faster. Sexiness puts the power of choice into YOUR hands.

And sexiness inspires women’s friends to help you get together. Believe it or not, when you’re sexy, women’s friends will go above and beyond to try and HELP you get together with their friend. They won’t do that for un-sexy men, I guarantee you.

There are a great deal of benefits to being sexy.

But how do you pull it all together and start shaping yourself into a sexy man?

Becoming a Sexy Man

Once you’ve decided to make the plunge and turn yourself into a sexy man, a little personal remodeling is in order. Here’s what you need to focus on to take your sexiness to a new level:

* Fashion. Start revamping your fashion sense. This takes a little time, and having a good sense of fashion is like any skill – the more you work at it, the better you get. Start with clothes that fit you tightly and well and show off your figure (even if yours isn’t the best figure in the world… still better than big, baggy clothes like most guys wear), and check out fashion magazines to see what sexy men are wearing these days.

* Facial Expressions / Eye Contact. Facial expressions are a huge part of being sexy. So much of sexiness is what you say WITHOUT using your voice. One of the best tools you have available for learning sexy facial expressions are the movies – check them out. And don’t forget to use the “corner of the eyes” trick – you’ll notice all the sexiest men and women look sexiest when they’re looking at you out of the corner of their eyes.

* Sexy Smile. Ever notice the difference between a friendly smile and a sexy smile? A friendly smile is a full smile, and it shows the teeth. A SEXY smile, on the other hand, is only a hint of a smile, and the lips stay closed. There’s more mystery to it – and mystery is a component of sensuality.

*Voice. Your voice is such a GIGANTIC part of how you communicate with other people. But have you ever taken time to tweak it or refine it? Most men haven’t.

Yet, think of the difference in how listening to a beautiful woman with a news reporter’s voice speak affects you, and how listening to a beautiful woman with a SEXY voice speak affects you. COMPLETELY differently. The effect of hearing a man speak with a sexy voice is different on a woman too – practice turning your voice into a sexy one to start affecting women in a very different way.

*Conversation. Most men view conversation with a woman as “their time to shine.” The spotlight’s on them, and it’s their job to be as impressive as possible. They talk about their trips to other places, their job, their hobbies, their possessions.

Do you know what sexy men talk about with women? Sexy men talk about the woman they’re talking with. They drink her in. They comment on her. They get her to tell them about herself, to open up to them.

Turn the focus of your conversation off of yourself and onto the women you’re with, and you’ll find they start to like you a LOT more.

Becoming a sexy man is well worth your time – it’s an investment, but it’s an investment you make in yourself, and in your future. Best of all, it’s a FREE investment – so there’s no reason not to start transforming yourself today!